Kyoto Ryokan KAGIHEI is, Tempo August(1843)
The tenth generation Heizaemon Kagiya was founded in the current location.
While warming the tradition, honoring hospitality, we are waiting for the coming of everyone visiting the ancient city from the bottom of my heart.
Fifteenth generation Kaguya Heizaemon
Kyoto Ryokan KAGIHEI

【Official】Kyoto Ryokan KAGIHEI

Hangaragi, moist and enjoy traveling in Kyoto."Relaxing inn"

KAGIHEI faces the Fuyacho-dori Avenue through the Kyoto in the middle, four hundred years
In one corner went up the Nishiki Market that support the Kyoto of the kitchen to the north has seen a Seiga an appearance that dissolved in the townscape of the former capital
Invited by the cobblestone stone pavement, when entering the facility one step, we will welcome you to the peaceful space where the bustle of the city until then will reassure like a lie.

Kyoto Ryokan KAGIHEI Kitchen of Kyoto/Nishiki Market.
Nishiki Market leisurely walk to Nishiki Market, Shinkyogoku, Teramachi, Kawaramachi, Gion Station.
It is also very convenient for walking around Kyoto such as Arashiyama, Fushimi etc as it is also near from the station.

* Curfew time is "23: 00", so we will lock-in for crime prevention.(Unlocked at 6:30 the next morning)
*Group customers are also not accepted. Thank you for your understanding.

Seasonal photo

  • SKETCHES of Kyoto Ryokan KAGIHEI

    For the early autumn flowers, I used red Gloriosa flowers as the main flower, accompanied by round-leaf Ruscus and Yabran.

Important notice

  • About efforts to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection

    《※Supper will be closed for the time being to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.》

    Going forward, we will continue to make various efforts with a view to preventing the spread of new coronavirus infections.
    We will make every effort to ensure a safe stay, considering the health of our customers.
    We look forward to your visit.

Information for breakfast

  • We hope you will enjoy your breakfast with peace of mind. . .

    ○Private rooms can be used only by your group.
    ○Customers are advised to clean, ventilate, and disinfect the private room before using it.

    Going forward, we will continue to make every effort to ensure that our customers can enjoy their meals while being aware of measures against the new coronavirus.If you have food allergies, please contact us in advance.
    The contents of the meal are the same as before, and you can enjoy delicious Kyoto’s Breakfast.

    ※To customers who have booked a plan without meals
    Reservations for breakfast are accepted until around 16:00 the day before.
    Japanese set meal is 2,000 yen per person (tax and service included).
    Please inquire at the front desk if you wish.


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Hotel Name

Kyoto Ryokan KAGIHEI


481 Umeya Town, Fuyacho-dori Nishiki Agaru, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City

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15 minutes by taxi from JR Kyoto Station.Fuyacho Nishiki Agaru “Fuyacho Nishiki Agaru”.

There is no parking available at this facility in the center of Kyoto City.
Guests coming by car, please use the neighboring pay parking lot.
This facility is Kyoto City in the “Arukumachi Kyoto” area promoted by Kyoto City.
Because we can access 3 major stations within 7 to 15 minutes on foot, we recommend using public transportation.

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Reception time, 9: 00-22: 00