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Surrounding tourism

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Nishiki Market (2 minutes on foot)

  • Nishiki-dori Avenue there is a 400-year-old (food) market, 390 m east to west.
    Approximately 145 stores such as fresh fish and dry matter line up narrowly and are called the kitchen of Kyoto.

The Museum of Kyoto (10 minutes on foot)

  • A museum that comprehensively introduces the culture of Kyoto.
    Pioneering masters and works of contemporary art and craftwriters in Kyoto etc are always visible.

Rokkaku-do Temple(10 minutes on foot)

  • Tendai Sect temple called Mt Shiun Chohoji temple Tendai Sect temple.
    Muromachi Time Period, faith was gathered as Shimogyo no Chodo of Shimogyo no Chodo, and the main hall was called as Rokkaku-do Temple from the shape of the Rokkaku-do Temple and it has been popular.
    Temple of Ikenobo Clan is known as Temple of Ikenobo Clan of the Saigoku Pilgrimage number 18 and the Temple of Ikenobo Clan.

Honnoji(8 minutes on foot)

  • Nichiren Sect Temple opened in the Muromachi Time Period.
    Tensho years (1582) Mitsuhide Akechi we are known in the Honnoji Incident was attacked Nobunaga Oda
    The era is in Nishinotoin Shijo Bomon, Nishinotoin Shijo Bomon, and we moved to the present location when building a Teramachi Hideyoshi, and there is a Nobunaga Mausoleum the precincts.

Shinkyogoku(5 minutes on foot)

  • A new road opened from about the Meiji 5 Meiji, from the beginning a theater hut and a restaurant were on display and many people crowded.
    Taisho Period, the cinemas are lining up, and it is always the first downtown area in Kyoto today.

Teramachi Shopping Street (5 minutes on foot)

  • In the Edo period, a modern shopping archetype was created, and after the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa eras, Teramachi-dori Street is always an old and new attractive shopping street.
    This shopping street connecting Sanjo-dori Street and Shijo-dori Avenue has a wide variety of stores, mainly clothing and general merchandise stores.

Shijo Haneikai Shopping Street, (7 minutes on foot)

  • It is one of the biggest shopping streets in Kyoto, one of the most popular cities in Kyoto.
    There are three department stores, Takashimaya, DAIMARU, and Fujii Daimaru, as well as large stores of financial institutions and overseas brands, and there are many stores that handle traditional products that represent Kyoto.