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  2. Measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases

Measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases

○We ask for your cooperation in temperature measurement and identity verification.At check-in, we will measure your temperature.
In addition, we ask all customers to fill in the lodging book.At that time, we ask you to show your ID to confirm your identity.
○Cleaning using disinfectant and disinfectantAll rooms in the entire building are cleaned using a disinfectant and disinfectant.
Alcohol disinfection is applied to places where customers often touch, such as automatic doors, elevator buttons, guest room doors, washrooms, and TV remote controls.
○Providing hand sanitizers to customersHand sanitizers are installed at the front desk, elevator, shared bath, and breakfast restaurant Kyonishiki.
We ask for the cooperation of alcohol disinfection so that our customers can stay with more peace of mind.
○The front desk has a protective shieldThe front desk that welcomes you has a protective shield between you and the staff.
Check-in and check-out are face-to-face.For the safety and security of our customers, the staff will be at the front desk with a protective shield while wearing a mask.
○We are taking measures to secure social distanceAfter check-in, the staff will guide you directly to your room, but it will be canceled for the time being.
Instead, we will inform you in writing about how to get to your room and information about this facility.
○Providing hygiene products to customersDisposable slippers are available in the guest rooms.
We also offer masks to customers who do not have them.
○Staff wear masksConsidering the health and safety of our customers, all staff wear masks to serve customers.
○When the staff goes to work, they check their physical conditionWe measure the temperature of all staff.We also thoroughly disinfect the hands and fingers.
○Changing cancellation policy(※Limited to customers booked on the Official website of the facility)
 If you cancel by the day before check-in, there is no cancellation fee.
 If canceled on the day of check-in, full cancellation fee will be charged.The same applies if you cancel without contacting us.
 In case of cancellation due to fever or poor physical condition on the day of check-in, no cancellation fee will be charged.
In that case, please be sure to call to cancel.If you have paid in advance, we will refund you later.